Embed User Centricity in your organization

From education to UX implementation, let's put your users at the heart of what you do

A ux evangelization specialist worked with GSK to create new methodologies

“ We needed to integrate user centricity into our processes and make sure that we deliver solutions that are fit for purpose ”

Philippe, Tech Director for Quality, Manufacturing sites and CIO office

Our UX Implementation Approach

  • Plan

    Define your user centricity roadmap

    The Consultant defines with you a detailed Plan that will ensure the success of the user centricity Implementation into your organization :

    • Evaluate the current situation

    • Define the scope, objectives & KPI's adoption

    • Create a specific user centricity communication strategy

  • Educate

    get stakeholders’ adoption & engagement about UX

    We start breaking barriers of organizational silos & promote the opportunities of the change:

    • Use the internal communication channels to promote

    • Launch initiation trainings on Design & UX

    • Identify internal champions

    • Select pilot projects

  • Pilot

    Generate short-term UX wins by taking users into account

    Let's launch pilot projects & get your own user centric project delivery approach:

    • Create a UX Methodology adapted to the organization & provide a UX tools library

    • Setup a Usability Lab & specific User Feedback tools

    • Launch UX Projects, measure results and communicate about it

    • Gather Pilot test feedback & keep improving the methodology

  • Embed

    Ensure the User centric project delivery approach is integrated

    You need now to ensure you get benefits in time:

    • Recruit or develop internal skills development

    • Make sure your people follows your new UX process

    • Design better products systematically!

    It’s time for us to leave, as your organization is now user centric and self-sufficiant!

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